Wax on Mare St. Interview and Exclusive Mix

Wax on Mare Street are a DJ trio from London. It is made up of well established DJs James Puentes, Dissonance and MIINA. They are fastly becoming big names within the industry and are definitely ones to watch. They are going to be playing Eastern Electrics set and it is a set you are certainly not going to want to miss.

James, Jordan, Alessio from Wax on Mare St. were also kind enough to send us on an exclusive mix pre recorded from WetYourSelf! at Fabric which is a teaser of what’s to come at their Eastern Electrics set.

We also managed to have a chat with them about their set and some other fun stuff. Check it out below.

So the three of you were pretty established before Wax on Mare St., playing at Fabric, EE and various other big named clubs and venues is a success in most aspiring DJs minds. So what made you guys decide to pack it in individually and start producing together?

Well we haven’t exactly packed it in individually, it was more like as we got to know each other a bit better we started hanging out more, and with that we decided to start jamming in the studio together. Which then lead to us making tracks as a group, before we new about it we had to think of a name to represent us all as a collective.

With electronic producers it’s often hard to guess what their sets will be like by just listening to mixes and tracks. How would you describe your live sets, and convince people going to EE to come and see you?

Well basically our live sets consist of us literally feeding off each other, we generally play off the cuff which seems to work very well for us, as its all about grasping the vibe, set up, layout. Which help influence us to make the decisions on the day as to what we think will work at what party.

If people are willing to come to EE with open ears and not necessarily fixate so much on names in specific then you’ll be in for a treat listening to us, we would like to think we have our own musical identity & direction. Which we seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback from.

What are your plans for the upcoming summer and festival season?

Plans? These are definitely not our strong point! We kind of just roll with things and see where it takes us, Take each day as it comes! I guess as there’s 3 of us in the equation and all work on different time schedules.

How do you all find the emotional/mental health side of playing at a large festival? Is it slightly daunting playing at somewhere like EE?

Between the 3 of us we are pretty head strong & know what’s required in order to sustain a good feel factor throughout our journey, which we hope to embark on for many years to come.

Work hard…Play hard we say, But always keeping that balance in check 😉

We wouldn’t say its daunting playing at a big festival such as EE as our approach has to be confident anyway too be able to stand in front of a lot people and deliver music. Which is what we see as more of a challenge, and a challenge that is most certainly welcomed. Satisfying people who you’ve never really met isn’t easy but thats what we thrive on and ultimately thats what DJing is about!

There are some major big daddies of the industry at EE, is there anyone playing there who mentors you or who you would like to be like?

Personally we are influenced by many different people individually and as a collective, which helps tie everything in together, and helps give us some kind of direction with what we are about.

That being said we believe that music is a personal thing so its very hard to mould yourself specifically on one person.

The most important thing is for us to be ourselves and follow our own path because its about standing out and not so much about fitting in.

Do you have any funny stories with the other DJs from EE?

We don’t kiss & Tell !

What’s the story behind the mix, how did we manage to get ahold of this one?

We were very lucky to be asked to play at WetYourSelf! to fill in for someone which was all kind of last minute, hence why plans don’t usually come together, and basically we turned up on the night and did what we do best. Lucky for us the whole night was recorded , the crowd were on form & made us feel like we’d left them satisfied.

And finally, what’s the weirdest thing on your rider?

Thats for us to know & you to find out ;P .. PEACE !

Check out Wax on Mare St. for yourselves at: 






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