Verbz – the South Londoner Poet Turned Rapper

Verbz releases his first single of his upcoming EP “Lessons of Adolescence” – Kemptown Blues. His sound is gritty and true to his South London origins. With his lyrical word play and ability to speak about the up and downs of life in his music, speaks true in this interview where he explains the realities of making music in the UK, but how his passion and talent for music pushes him along.

I want to start of by asking you how’s your journey in music been, doing music must have it ups and downs?

Well, I started spitting back in 2012 on a random, some friends of mine used to spit bars so I thought I’d give it ago and here we are haha. I always enjoyed poetry though and I used to write a few poems myself, so it was only natural. Growing up I was always listening to Hip Hop, I always had an urge to get musically creative somehow in the future, just never thought I’d be rapping. It’s alright really, the only ups and downs that occur are the ones I let happen to be honest.

What’s the main message in your music?

I wouldn’t say there’s a message you know it’s more just bare sadness on track haha and some life lessons, all my shit is just me talking about what’s gone on in my life and what’s around me, analysing certain situations I’ve been in or my peoples have been in. It helps me reflect and find some sort of closure too. I’ve got too much to say to stick to a message my music varies based upon what I’m on at the time too.

You are from Croydon, does your environment play a big role in your music and style?

Yeah I deffo think so while I love the Croydon borough I fucking hate it at the same time, but its home. So I try to reflect them feelings on tracks.

You have a lyric saying “Another son with a vision to make mum proud”, what’s the support been like from family and friends?

Truly, I aint the type to show my family my music really, that’s all long. But big up my marj cause she’s always supporting whatever I’m on. People are weird to be honest, my friends support my ish fully, but there’s always the friends who won’t support you till people who don’t know you support you or they see shits picking up. Big up the real and all the random people who like my music. I see the rest of you slimey fucks.

You had a festival in Belgium with Jack CC, who went my school, how’s it been travelling with your music?

Word, big up Jack CC. Sadly, I couldn’t actually make it to Belgium with man last summer. Was mad broke and generally wasn’t too serious about music them times. I haven’t travelled much with my music because there was a period of time where I wasn’t doing much with it, but this November however I am doing a show in Madrid, shouts out to Lewis Parker for hooking it up!

There is a scene starting to get some attention in UK Hip Hop, now what for you are the next steps to keep it going?

Well, I’m working on couple singles and then the next project really. My upcoming EP with Mr.Slipz is just a little something to let people know I’m back to making music properly and theres more to look forward to in the near future.

Also who you feeling UK wise at the moment?

I don’t even know, my friends really. I ain’t the biggest fan of the UKHH scene, I like to think of myself as a don from the UK who happens to make Hip Hop if that makes sense. There’s a lot of dope stuff here but it’s over shadowed by a lot of crap. But in terms of the UK music scene as a whole I like where it’s going.

In no specific order, Snider Lee, Eerf Evil, Vitamin G, 2LATE, Pertrelli Purple, Chima, Luca (when he wants to), Mr.Slipz, Kno Knaim. Just some of the many heads I know making dope music.

You and Mr Slipz, made this project pretty fast does the creative vision in your music come to you really quickly?

I started writing for this project around March/April after I broke my ankle in February, I had lots of free time on my hands and prior to my ankle break I was just getting wavey and not doing anything productive, funnily enough I broke my ankle whilst waved. It was kind of a wakeup call. I’d say the creative vision comes to me when whenever and sometimes it doesn’t at all, I go through different stages of creativity. It all depends on how I’m living at the time and this year I realized that getting constantly waved and living in self destructive loop won’t work, sadly.

self destructive loop won’t work, sadly.

Where can we listen to this next project and what things you got coming for us?

The EP ‘Lessons of Adolescence’ will be coming out at the end of September on Radio Juicy. It will be available for digital download and streaming, also on a limited run of cassettes. Look out for the release date coming soon.

Finally, if there is one thing you could change about the world what would it be?

Mad, mad. I really dunno you know, realistically I’d be looking to change the change in my pockets to some actual music money haha. On that note, go cop the Lessons of Adolescence EP on Radio Juicy when it drops! Peace!

P.S On a real though, I’d do something worthwhile and improve lives somehow.

Thanks to Verbz for the interview

interview by Ayo Fagbemi 

Photos by Sam Barrett

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