Track of the Day #6

Today’s track of the day is from South-London based Chaos in the CBD. Although these brothers were born in New Zealand, they have immersed themselves in the local scene for the last few years; working alongside Henry Wu and Bradley Zero in the process. Despite going onto release on several labels, including their own In Dust We Trust imprint, one can point to “Midnight in Peckham”, a homage to their new home, as their breakthrough moment in 2015.

The track is characterised by a rich, enveloping sound, managing to balance a delicate poignancy, constructed by their use of horns and piano, with the kick and bpm of classic deep house tunes. For those in the know, the brothers have continued to treat us with a slew of well crafted, jazz infused productions, alongside a promising DJ career.

We hope you enjoy this track, and for those in Nottingham, get down to Stealth on Saturday night to see them headline.


Song choice by Theo King and Sophie Bell

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