Track of the Day #12

There could only ever be one contender for today’s track of the day. The release of the single “Aura” from Bicep marks an end to a wait that has surpassed a year for fans of the Northern Irish producers. The track first received notoriety after a video surfaced of it being played on the infamous Identification of Music Group from the duo’s storming headline DJ set at the Parklike in 2015. The video featured a mystery track causing a raucous reaction in the Bugged Out tent. With the duo already having developed a reputation for dropping unreleased material in their sets, rumours quickly sprung up that this was the latest of their “weapons”.  The video in question has now amassed over 400 Facebook likes, whilst uploads of the same track, regardless of whether taken in East London sweatboxes or in the sun at the Instagram infected glamour of Coachella, have continually reaped a level of  attention akin to hysteria. Consequently, “Aura”, whose name remained unknown until recently, developed a cult like status amongst the community, even inspiring the creation of various “unreleased Bicep” memes. Today’s reaction to news of its release should therefore come as no surprise, and neither should be the absolute shelling that it will undoubtedly receive across clubs as far away as Ibiza this weekend.

It would be fair to claim that the producer and DJ duo from Belfast are one of the underground dance community’s darlings, and when observing the consistent quality of their synth heavy productions and remixes, that range from Italo Disco, to trance inspired techno; it is easy to hear why. In addition to this, their DJ sets have crafted a position for themselves at the forefront of the scene, that The Warehouse Project has trusted them with curating their own night for several years is indicative of this. “Aura” the tune in question is to be the lead single off their self-titled debut album, set to be released on Ninja Tune on 1st September. “Aura” seems the perfect choice to spearhead this release, with the track centred around a repeated arpeggio of synths that forms the backbone of a track that captures the quintessential “Bicep” sound. 

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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