Through the lens of: Shannon Darby-Jones

The story behind the photos:

“Art is something I have been interested in from the beginning but focused in on digital photography when I was fifteen. Five years later and I’m on my way to getting a degree in Fashion Photography at Falmouth University.

I love boys. And since going to London Fashion Week and enjoying the men shows more, these are now my main subjects. I also predominantly shoot members who identify as LGBTQ+, by accident but also because I have a lot of gay friends and they really inspire me, so naturally I photograph them.

I’m interested in relationships, between lovers or friends or even ‘just friends’. I like my subjects to be connected to each other through emotion or physical touch. My final major project of University is surrounding the concept of femininity in boys that I am excited to exhibit in London later this year.”

Shoot Details:
Models- Jamie Edler and Daniel Macleod
Assistants- Lucy Rooney and Peter Ashenhurst
Designer- Ester Kubisz

Instagram @shannondarbyj

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