Through the lens of: Julia Donka

The story behind the photos:

“My name is Julia Donka and I grew up in Stockholm and I still live here, I love Stockholm at the moment. As a kid wanted to do everything my older brother did, so when he started to photograph I did too. Then I learned Photoshop by just watching online tutorials. I always thought my brother was the best photographer in the world and also the best teacher, and I still think and know he is!
Later on, I went to an art school, studied photography in Malmรถ for a year and then I applied to Gamleby and got in. Now I work at a model agency in Stockholm after assisting a couple of photographers for a while now.
I use lots of different cameras, but my favourites are always the small ones with a flash so I can bring them wherever and have them in my pocket. I don’t want photography to be complicated – if it’s easy and fun I am motivated.ย 
As my photos show, I like photographing people and taking their portraits. I like talking and hanging out with my friends and they are the best motives not just because they are so cute, also because they have patience waiting for me to take hundreds of dumb photos of them posing with two cigarettes in their mouth.ย 
I work best when I do ten things at the same time, I can’t sit down and do just one thing. In school I was the worst student if I didn’t like the subject, I hated Swedish grammar and instead of reading it, I made up a village in the north of Sweden. I still have the map of it and a register of everyone “living” there. I had a great time instead of learning boring things. And if someone had stopped me from skipping class, maybe I would be a serious person who didn’t bring my camera and take stupid pictures of my friend!”
Instagram: @donka007

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