Through the lens of: David Mirete

The story behind the photos…
This series called “Tierra de huesos” (Soil of bones) is a non-premeditated portrait of a village called Ossa de Montiel, in La Mancha, Spain. It’s a subject that really moves me: rural depopulation in Spain. This little project is not ambitious enough to observe and answer all the questions this month stay has made me wonder. This is just a draft, a kind of little poem or love letter to a place trying to exist, despite everything.
The meaning of village’s name is bone (hueso, Ossa). Before it became a village, Ossa, was kind of cemetery, an ossuary to be specific. It’s beautiful how history can be so poetic.

So…please introduce yourself?

Hi there! My name is David Mirete. I live in the countryside here in southeast Spain. I love nature, music, dancing, people, oranges… Nowadays, I express by means of photography, poetry and visual coding. I work remotely as a graphic and new media designer with an engineering background. I use to start a lot of personal projects, but, honestly, I don’t tend to finish them.

How did you get into photography? 

Like alot people nowadays, through my mobile phone. I started taking photos a couple of years ago. I never did it before with a purpose or as a way of expression, I never did it with a real motivation. Two years ago my life changed suddenly, so photography became a great tool to understand myself, somehow. I’ve been using photography as a therapy ever since.

What are your favourite subjects to shoot?

My photos are always representing feelings or emotions, they are the real subjects of my photos. I use the real world as a visual metaphor of something I’m feeling. 

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Music and driving. Sometimes together.

What is your relationship with photography?

Photography helped me a lot these last two years, I’d love it to remain in the same way… but, to be honest, I’m feeling like this period is coming to a close. 

What camera do you use and why?

I don’t care about what camera I use, I have to say I’m not technically good, I’m not interested enough, in fact I don’t have a camera right now, so I use to borrow it to my friends, or sometimes I use my phone.

Do you have any future projects?

I’m working on photo and poetry book because I feel I have to close this first two years of taking photos. I think since now my relationship with photography is going to be pretty different, or, at least, with different purposes. Anyway, the book is going to be called “Donde duermen los flamencos” and it’s kind of personal map of my emotions and personal process of my last two years life.

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