Through the lens of: Damian Borja

The story behind the photos…

“I’m currently living in Los Angeles and moved from NY last year for a great job opportunity Here I focus on working with brands, models and photographers that I really am passionate to work with. I’ve been shooting since I was 14 back in middle school. An old friend gave me her little digital point and shoot and I never put it down. I’ve always been passionate about just creating in general. Photo was always a great way to express what was going on for me so I just focus on progressing each year on creative original work that reflects who I am as a person at that particular time, and my work has changed so much over the years.Β 
I don’t have a particular subject that is my favourite to photograph but I do see more so at times I enjoy photographing woman, I always have. I love the power they’ve always shown me. I think it goes way back to all the strong woman figures in my life at an adolescent age, so I focused on the beauty in them and I have so many projects in store this year involving that.
Music inspires me on a daily basis. I think as an angsty 14 year-old to today I’ve always referenced imagery from music and nothing has changed with that. This has now brought a lot of my inner passions and I’ve been trying to work on my music which I’m eager about.
I use all sorts of formats when it comes to cameras. I think that’s always been important to me to not focus on what I shoot with but focus on what I’m shooting. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting with a 5 dollar disposable or a $4,000 DSLR. I do shoot with both now if you must know hehe.
The idea that anyone can be a photographer in this day in age to me I think is great. I think it all comes down to all of us as spirits having to create to get onto the next chapter in our lives, or even to our next lives. The gains and losses are a huge impact on me and what I do when it comes to photography. Before I was bitter to the idea that anyone can try to be a photographer. Now I think I’m at a mental and professional point in my career to just be happy that people want to create more and to be more involved in photography. Imagine a world where people stop taking images and we have machines to it for us? I do see people all over the place in their approach to sending a positive message. That bothers me haha but that’s a different discussion.
The attached photos are about moments I’ve had with young creative women in Los Angeles. An exchange of a little crazy and a little conversation about our worlds. These moments I’ll remember forever.”
Instagram: @kombucci

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