Through the lens of: Cara Friedman

The story behind the lens…

My name is Cara Friedman, and I grew up in the bay area in a suburb of the wonderful city of San Francisco. I had always been into photography and the arts since a child, but when I seriously got into it was after I injured my knee and had to have knee surgery, which set me back in my practice of Ballet. I was at home one day and decided I need to dig up my mother’s old film camera and begin to shoot with it. This was back in high school. 

I am intrinsically interested in other people, they way they look and act, what they are doing. People are my favourite subject. Secondary to people, I enjoy nature. I’d spend all my days in a sunny grass field if I could. I mostly shoot now, although it changes, with my Nikon f5 (35mm) and my Mamiya 645 (120), both are beautiful but I always enjoy finding a great old film camera to add to my collection. When I shoot fashion, though, a lot of the time I have to shoot with my digital Nikon.

I hope to always shoot whatever randomly inspires me, as my style changes and I grow. I think for me it’s important when I work as an assistant in the fashion photography world, to see many people still shoot film and take inspiration from art rather than popular culture. I’d much rather read poems and look at classic paintings or a Brancusi sculpture then see the hottest celebrity Instagram. It’s important to find inspiration in the old great art and apply it to a new contemporary piece you are making today.

About the photos: This collection of photos includes a variety of many things. I have photos I took in Paris this past September. Paris is my favourite city, full of history and art and nature all in one. I met up with my friend Briana who was there and photographed her in the park. Another photograph is of my friend Lindsey, who snuck into Topanga State Park with my to be photographed nude amongst the trees. There are a couple photos of a signer Cyn, whom I shot for Jute Magazine recently. There is one of my crystal photos, which I have taken so many of. I distort these in camera by shooting through different shaped glass prisms. They always come out magical and transport the viewer to a new unique space. And lastly there is a portrait of one of my best friends Richie, who is so tall, her face is covered by the trees. She is one of a kind and one of my favourite people to photograph.

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