There’s a Streetwear Event in Nottingham Tomorrow

Nottingham is famous for many things; football, Robin Hood, Brian Clough, caves, and of course the oldest pub in England. 

It is definitely not famous for streetwear. Garrett Hansen is trying to change that. 

Tomorrow (29th April) welcomes Nottingham’s first streetwear reselling event. It will be coupled with a DJ for the day, live artists, and of course lots of hyped brands. Nottingham welcomes the Syndicate Marketplace. 

The streetwear scene is blowing up massively across the UK and it is refreshing to see it being brought into the physical with events such as the Syndicate Marketplace. Streetwear, somehow has seemed to have blown up online, which is great. There are plenty of opportunities to buy clothes, talk about streetwear and network if you’re trying to build a brand. However if you live outside of London, there aren’t a huge amount of ways you can interact with the people from the scene. 

We had a quick sit down with Garrett to find out what made him bring this sort of event to Nottingham, and what he hopes it can be in the future. 

Hi Garrett, could you just give a quick background into what the event will be?

The event will be people be a mixture of both independent brands alongside independent sellers who will be selling some of the more popular names today, Patta, Palace, Supreme, Nike. We will have people selling both trainers and clothing, as well as some people setting up artwork stalls too. My boys come through on his first DJ set and there will be a bar set up also so should be good vibes. 

What made you want to run an event like this?

You know, after living in Nottingham for the past 3 years and not seeing anything like this going down I felt I could be the one to make it happen. I’ve been into the streetwear scene from way back and coming from Birmingham I always visited Sneaks and Peaks events and they were hard. There’s a couple streetwear stores up here like Mimm but nothing really going that’s getting people excited, so I created The Syndicate Marketplace, a place where people can come together, chill, and grab some clothes and creps.

What is the streetwear scene in Notts like?

Its not the greatest to be honest with you, its pretty dead, like I said there is the odd streetwear store up here but nothing people are shouting about. The demand is here though. Bare students come to Nottingham from all over the UK and a lot of people up here are into their trainers and clothes so I knew doing something like this could pop off.

Mimm Store Nottingham

Any smaller, independent brands going to be there we should look out?

Yeah g, there is definitely a good few brands who will be setting up that people need to keep their eyes on, Pakow clothing is one, Pinna and Acia are others to name a few. Doing an event like this has opened my eyes to a lot of the quality independent brands floating around today that people wouldn’t normally see. You may not of heard of them before but you will definitely be copping when you see some of the pieces they have on offer this Saturday.

What’s the vibe going to be like? 

It’s gonna be a lot of hip hop/grime being played throughout the day, FlyByBars will be setting up too making sure everyone has a beer while they have a look around so should be a good day for everyone to come together.

What would you say to someone who isn’t into streetwear to convince them to come to the event?

You know what it is, people like to look good, so if you do as well you have to come through haha. Na but seriously, I’ve tried to branch out the stalls a little bit so no matter what you like you will find something you want to buy. Although it’s mainly streetwear clothing and trainers there will be some stalls selling branded vintage wear too so those into their old school Tommy and Polo can find something too. As well as that I’ve brought in people who sell some cool artwork so there really is something for everyone.

What’s the lasting thought you want people to leave with? Any future plans?

I want all the sellers to make a load of cash and all the buyers to leave happy with an intention to return again. Whether people buy anything on the day or not I want people to just enjoy the experience really. In terms of future plans there will definitely be more events happening very soon and I’ve got a ton of ideas of what else can be brought in for these events. Some things are a bit different you might not of expected but definitely something to keep an eye out for. Coming to a city near you so keep posted… 

Thanks Garrett!

If you’re interested, check out the event page: 

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