The Problem of Unconcious Racism

Ayo Fagbemi

Are we not all just a little bit racist, do we not all laugh at jokes about other cultures but frown when it is about our own, in the society today racism has become socially unacceptable and rightly so, but we need to address the problem of unconscious racism which delves deep into our psyche and a culture which is based on the premises of us and them.

As a black man you are bound to come across a certain element of racism in your life. Let us look at the stereotypical case of unconscious racism; an elderly lady on the train may clutch her handbag tighter when around a black male even when he is not an actual harm to her.

Although I agree that you cannot judge a book by its cover, however do you blame her when she is constantly bombarded with images portraying young black males as criminals? Eventually she is convinced in the stereotype and has to act according to her own best means her security. I ask the question should we blame the racist for their ignorance and lack of education or the messages the media gives people.

The saddest part to this is that these images are broadcast to young impressionable black males, and if you tell someone enough times that this is what they are, eventually they too will become the criminals that you have described them as.

In a lot of popular black culture the notion of success comes down to mainly two careers sports or music. Although I have a lot of respect for these careers they have a short lifespan and can be very demanding. These careers sell you with the idea of fame and fast riches whilst also not providing you with the education to deal with the money that you get. This leads to countless stories of bankruptcy and poor financial management skills.

Many people see Hip-Hop as a successful part of black culture. The success of Hip-Hop has provided countless opportunities for many black people around the world. This has caused uproar at the success of Iggy Azalea, a white female rapper from Australia. I personally believe that people should be allowed to do what they want to do and are passionate about. However, her success indicated to the world that she a white female rapper was able to be successful in the world of Hip-Hop dominated by black culture, but many blacks still struggle to be successful in the areas dominated by white people such as Banking, Law and countless other professions.

The main aim is to convince people in lesser communities that with an element of hard work any profession is possible. This in turn will create a cycle of more less privileged kids doing well as the power of inspiration should not be defeated. The success of one man can lead to countless others trying to emulate this success. The aim is to progress to create further progress.

Ayo Fagbemi

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