The Miniature World of Roy’s People

The story behind the photos:

“I got into this as a hobby originally, taking photos of a model train track. So I decided to get some figures, cut them up, change them a little bit then photograph them on the streets. I really like to work with dark humour, mischief and rebellion, I am always more drawn to them. I couldn’t say what camera I use, as contracted not to! To get to this point, I’ve spent 5 years as a car mechanic and 5 years as a sales rep, now I do this.

I always reflect real life in my works. Showing the daily struggle but in miniature form, I think it allows the viewer to connect with the work and understand the situation that the little people might be in. I never want tocreate anything that is too deep so it isolates the viewer, I’ll leave that for the more intelligent abstract artists.”


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