Talking to Dharma Wild about their ‘Psych-Fi Ambience’

“Every song feels like a different experiment
that has a unique motive within it’s own dimensions.”

Dharma Wild are a five piece from Leeds making some of the dreamiest, most on point psych-fi ambient melodic lasagne layer goodness I have had the pleasure of bearing witness to live in a long long time.

An amazing live band with music to absolutely float away to, here Diss catches up the Dharma….

How did you all meet – how did jamming and building le Dharma originally begin ?

It started with Adam and I creating ambient lo-fi demos in our flat late at night before we added more members and fleshed things out in the room. At the start of 2016, we jammed around with a few friends before finally settling on the five of us. By the time we had the current line up the sound had mutated into the frankenstein you hear today. We completely ripped up our original blueprint from the early days and tried to create something new and exciting that came from a more natural place.

Why Dharma Wild – what’s the story behind the name ?

We just wanted to come up with an original phrase. We like to think our music is something new and so we wanted a unique phrase to reflect that. I took the word ‘Dharma’ from the book ‘Dharma Bums’ by Jack Kerouac. I liked the otherworldly feel of the word, something I think we try to create with the music.

Are there any other artists, collectives or musical communities you have connection with or close ties to who would recommend readers to keep their eyes and ears out for ?

I’m currently living in the Tight Lines HQ  (Têtes de Pois, Garde Dog, Skwid Ink and DULAHLI) which is an incredible collective of musicians, artists and filmmakers who are creating beautiful art as well putting on some pretty reckless parties. It’s definitely one of most exciting things happening in the city right now. I’ve just recently come back from Liverpool seeing my friends in I See Rivers, To Eva and Pink Kink. 8Mana and Slutdrop are two DJ collectives who have been putting on some pretty chaotic nights. Waterfall and Engine are two great bands we’ve played with in the last few months. R. Lyle and Manly Brien are friends from back home who are making really exciting progressive electronic music, just too many to mention really!

What are you working on at the moment or has been your most recent musical project ? I heard whispers of an EP at the library… Am I right in thinking you guys all study music at University ?

We are in the process of writing an EP at the moment, we’re fortunate enough to be able to record it with our friends Matti Scott and Hamish Dixon who’ve just finished recording our friends Skwid Ink (Tight Lines). Our EP should be out by 2048.

What is the writing process like for you ? – there must be a lot of different ideas knocking about. 

Most of the music starts as electronic demos that we make on laptops and bring in to the practice room to flesh out. That said, there’s little repetition in the creative process. Every song feels like a different experiment that has a unique motive within it’s own dimensions. A song only becomes a cohesive part of the Dharma Wild set once it has been fleshed out in the practise room.

Bastard of a question but how would you guys describe your music to someone who is yet to grace their ears ?
Textural Strut! Strut Wave?


Tell us about your best and worst and weirdest gigging experiences?
Things haven’t got too weird just yet, some of us have bled a few times on stage but other than that our shows have been pretty incredible. 

Are any of you guys in side projects readers should keep an ear out for?
Our guitar player Sam has two unbelievable bands; The Golden Age of TV and Garde Dog. Adam, Will and Oscar make music under Adam D, ANGRYMOB, Hesperis respectively.

Is there a venue or festival that would be a dream of yours to play ?
We’ve pretty much wanted to play the Trinity Church from day one! I think it’s just the most beautiful room, hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to play there in the future.

What are you looking forward to in the near future ?
Can’t wait for my dinner tonight to be honest. Other than that we’ll probably be doing some sessions, gigs and recordings once our degrees are over in about a month. Our keyboard player is currently in India so hopefully when he gets back we’ll be looking for world domination.

words by Hannah Dixon

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