The Stunning Photos and Sobering Truth from the Donald Trump Protests in NYC

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We caught up with our New York correspondent Joey DeFilippis about the protests in the centre of New York on the eve of the news that Donald Trump was elected. He was lucky enough to get down and get some awesome shots and some insights into the rally and whether it actually achieved anything.

What brought you to the rally in New York?

I live in Midtown East, so the walk to the rally wasn’t too far away at all. After seeing the movement start to grow exponentially on social media, I decided to walk to 5th ave and get in the crowd to shoot photos. I was heading over there when my friend, Ahmad called me. He goes to school at Fordham Lincoln Center, so he’s right by Columbus Circle (where the protest was supposed to head). Ahmad and I met up on 57th and 5th.

What was the scene when you arrived? Did it develop quickly?

There was a sea of people when I got there, 5th ave was shut down, and more and more people were gathering, the crowd eventually grew to a few thousand.

What was the atmosphere like?

It was a mixture of emotions. You had people who were passionately angry, and screaming, and then you had people who were standing peacefully on the sidewalk holding a sign while not saying a word. It was a special atmosphere for sure. I’ve definitely never experienced anything like that before.

Do you think the rallies will achieve anything?

Honestly, it’s hard to tell. Regardless of the protests, Donald Trump IS the new president of the United States. If anything I believe the series of protests are simply a reminder that people will stand with one another and not let him or anyone he appoints to power tear them apart. The protests are definitely historical, as well as unprecedented, in the sense that never before has a presidential elect been protested against on this big of a scale. But at the end of the day, I don’t think it will achieve anything worthwhile.


Images and insights from Diss. NYC correspondent Joey DeFilippis

Questions by Will McCartney

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