One to watch: LAUSSE THE CAT

Everyone will have at least one artist that they’ve been pumping for a while that not many other people have heard of. Ours is currently LAUSSE THE CAT.

With only a few hundred likes on his Artist page, little to no info exists on LAUSSE, which both sweetens and mystifies the fact that his debut (and only) EP is of exceptional quality. 


LAUSSE doesn’t do interviews, but when we asked him who he was, he said:

“I am lausse the cat, prince of cats and lord of the bins of motor city. i work with wizards, mice, moons and trees and other folk from round here, in accordance to the seasons.” It was exhilarating to witness a real cat speak.  

One stand out part of LAUSSE’s work is the production; air-tight, varied and challenging – the rapper produces his own songs, accompanied by band members ‘Young Wizard’ on the keys, ‘B-awhe’ on the vocals (who Lausse described to us as ‘the moon’), Cheekbone Tricky plays bass and Young Burns on the drums. 

His EP depicts a cat at war with alcohol and substance, with scatterings of advice from LAUSSE’s counterparts throughout. The final track, ‘Belle Bouteille’, or ‘Beautiful Bottle’, contains a verse in French, and epitomises both LAUSSE’s love for the drink and his versatility as a rapper.

We bet that you will hear this name again.

Words by Will McCartney

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