One and the Same

Ayo Fagbemi

Community and a sense of belonging are at the centre of human desire. This sense of belonging is one that is sold to mankind most effectively in religion. With Karl Marx proclaiming that religion is the opium of the masses, it’s power is exponential in that it is a tool, which brings mankind together.

However, this tool has been exploited by the marketization of religion. The place of worship has become a competing ground for the importance of humans rather than a space in which we come together to pool ideas and address the problems in our lives.

Whilst in Church I thought to myself if only people were free from the ignorance of people’s interpretation of religion and the idea of a service to a God, we as people would use this opportunity to have conversations with each other. The power of conversation allows us to learn from each other and to pool ideas to help one another reach a common goal and fairness in society.

The popularity of religion in the perceived undeveloped world indicates this belief in a supernatural being that gives them hope in their struggle and a distraction from their fight for survival.

In the Western world we tell ourselves that our lives are better, but our lives are filled with more distractions that fill our lives. For example lets delve in to the idea of Football.

Football is a beautiful game but just like religion it divides people from the idea of congregation. It perpetuates the idea of rivalry and the idea of difference in society. This idea of difference is one that needs to be eradicated in order to make a change in the world.

The main aim of my writings is to push the idea that although we should appreciate the beauty of different cultures and the evolution of humanity we must all come to the realisation that we are one and the same.

Ayo Fagbemi

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