One To Watch: Mathilda Homer

Next in our One To Watch series is Mathilda Homer.

Equipped with a voice that could bring out the sun on a rainy day and hush a crying baby in an instant, this young musician’s sound is borne from a concoction of myriad ingredients: jazz, pop, folk, neo-soul and funk. 

After hearing Mathilda’s first EP, God’s A Girl, as well as her cover of The Beatles’ 1963 classic ‘Do You Want To Know A Secret’ on the Cadbury’s Christmas advert, our editor Will spoke with her, so to find out more about the tight production and effortless blend of genres in her music. 

Mathilda Homer is 20 years old and studies in London

Hey Mathilda how’s things?

Very good thank you, it’s an exciting time at the moment with all my songs coming out!

Tell me about life before music. Have you always wanted to be a musician?

I wanted to be a midwife and a singer. I don’t have any science qualifications, so I settled for singing! 

I really enjoyed your debut EP God’s a Girl. It’s the result of an interesting blend of genres – contemporary folk, ballads, neo-soul and funk are all flavours. Can you tell me a bit about the creation process that went into it? Did anything inspire it? 

The creating process for God’s a Girl was quick. I finished all the songs within about 6 weeks of writing them. They all consisted of me sitting with my piano/guitar and writing down all the things I couldn’t say out loud.

Who influences you and the sound you create? Could you name some songs that have changed the way you look at music? 

I have a real mix of artists I look up to. The person who changed the way I see music would have to be D’Angelo. It was the best shock to see that the music that I wanted to hear was there for me to listen to. Also Lily Allen, lyrically she’s my kinda poet.

Congratulations for your Beatles cover getting chosen for the recent Cadbury’s Christmas advert. How did that come about? Did you write it specifically for the advert?

I got put forward for the advert. It was done to a strict brief, they knew exactly what they wanted. I didn’t get any free chocolate though, real shame. 

A number of your tracks feature the multi-faceted musician Isaac Waddington. Does the ex-Britain’s Got Talent finalist play an important role in the sound of the final product of your music? 

The body of work that is coming out now, i.e. my single ‘Ready When You Are’ and my latest single ‘Probably Sorry’ and the EP that follows are all produced by him. They are mostly written about him as well. Definitely plays a big role, he’s a trust worthy pair of ears as well, that’s key to have as an artist.

What’s next for you? Can we expect new music soon?

I’ve got a headline show. I’m hyped about it. It’s on the 13th of March at Electrowerkz with my wonderful band and some great supports. My second EP has just dropped! It’s all looking hopeful.

Thankyou to Mathilda Homer for speaking with us!

Click here for tickets to Mathilda’s headline show!

words and interview by Will McCartney

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