Loyle Carner just Released a Wonderfully Dramatic Video for ‘The Isle of Arran’

Loyle Carner is one of the best up and coming artists from London, somehow combining a Tom Misch style sound with Rap.

It is obvious from the listening to Loyle that he is a wonderfully talented artist and this video keeps true to that aim. The video contains many odd imagery, at one point someone has eyes like a zombie, and it cuts to Loyle holding a baby and embracing the mother.

I personally love this video and love his music even more, but the one take away from the quality of the video I just saw is asking myself who is Georgia Hudson? The director of this video has done a fantastic job at capturing the dramatic yet calm elements of Loyle’s music and has put it into an easy to watch, almost hypnotic video. Props to her.

Watch the video here:

words by Frazer Worboys

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