This is Not a Drill, The XX are back! (and told us when their next album is coming out)

After teasing us for the past few weeks, uploading short 1 minute tracks on Spotify, they have just released a full track on Youtube. The intros on Spotify were majestic and this track is even better. The track is stunning, I was truly gutted when it was over, 4 minutes in my life has never gone so quick. The track is called ‘On Hold’ and they have even put the album release date of “I See You” on the Youtube description. Look forward to January 13th 2017 people.

Maybe the XX planned it so we would have something to brighten our moods after the Trump news. Whatever made them decide to release today, I thank them. The world needed this and once again music has pulled through.

Have a listen and forget about Trump for four glorious minutes.




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