Hashtagobi: student celebrates student loan drop through creative music video

Some people argue that making music and being a student are two mutually exclusive activities. Time is an extremely limited commodity at University, and studying can often detract from our creative potentials. 

However, computer science student, Obi, whose artist name is ‘hashtagobi’, has managed to prove that retaining your creativity at University might not be so unfeasible. Hashtagobi has released a new song, ‘Student Loan Dropped’, which celebrates the over-excitable jump from rags to riches when Student Finance finally deliver the dolla. His accompanying music video explores a number of creative concepts which manage to merge elements of comedy and serious art as one.


I caught up with Obi to find out a little more about his projects:

When did you first get into music and what motivated you to start making tunes?

“I think I first started making music in secondary school. I used to make my own ring tones on it, that was fun. But I started rapping in sixth form; this guy in my school had hyped up his own rap song for weeks and when it finally came out, me and my friends weren’t impressed. So I went home and wrote a diss track and released it, and everyone thought it was sick. My business teacher liked it too.”

Your music is quite playful and relatable to the student demographic – is there a message you’re trying to convey in your music?

“When it comes to making music, I wanted to talk to myself – in this case I’m a student, so that’s what all my content has revolved around so far. This will evolve/progress when I graduate though. Relatable music is good as the listener can have so many favourite tracks as well as making it more entertaining.”

“Feeling sad? Listen to Depression. Feeling angry? Listen to CLARK KENT SYNDROME. Pulled last night?? Listen to One Night Stand. In terms of message, I think the last song on my album (GRAVEYARD;) sums up what I want everyone to believe: “Don’t let anyone say you’re not beautiful.”


Which artists do you take inspiration from?

“I’d say Jme, Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar. I love Hanz Zimmer’s music. I want to make more cinematic type rap, and really want to be friends with Jme.”

 What are your future plans?

“Apart from graduating, I want to make more videos to give my music a face, as well as create more hashtagobi show episodes (my Youtube comedy sketch show).”


The whole album has university related themes, you can listen to the whole thing on Spotify:

If you want to see more, Obi will be performing at Rough Trade, Nottingham, on Friday 7th April:

words and interview by Will McCartney

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