Gig Review: Gengahr


The four-piece indie-rock band from London took to the intimate stage at The Bodega, Nottingham.

Gengahr are a band that emerged from Hackney only 3 years ago – they consist of lead singer Felix Bushe, lead guitarist John Victor, bass guitarist Hugh Schulte and drummer Danny Ward. With a slim track record of only one album release, the potentiality of the group is very exciting.

Artwork for debut album “A Dream Outside”

The combination of Bushe’s dreamy falsetto falls reassuringly over the savvy, scintillating guitar ability of Victor. The band consisted of four very fitting jigsaw pieces. From start to finish the group kept the crowd involved and moving, with encapsulating performances of songs such as ‘Heroine’, and ‘Fill My Gums With Blood’. Their tightness as a collective was evident, as the seemingly intricate music was relayed with quite an effortlessness.

The aforementioned was all standard news for the Gengahr faithful, who were later treated to some new songs that the band have been working on. Victor, in quite literal style, told the crowd “This is a new one – it’s really really good.” This was certainly not an understatement, as their material continues to be catchy, engaging and refreshing for the indie-rock scene.



words by Will McCartney

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