Fabric’s Reopening Raises More Questions on the Debate on Drugs

Fabric wasn’t supposed to be closed. As the hallmark of the British clubbing scene, it was never supposed to run into trouble. But two overdoses later it did.

Many have speculated that it was shut down to make way for ‘bland luxury flats’ or just for a hugely under exaggerated drug problem. However it was obvious now by the new requirements, that it was to establish stricter controls on all clubs and to send a message to clubbers everywhere; drugs are not going to be tolerated. 

In theory this makes sense. After the deaths of two young men, it’s understandable for this to be the outcome. But in practice this is possibly the hardest thing to enforce. Drugs are prevalent. It’s a fact. It is in our human nature to try drugs and to push ourselves beyond. Amazonian tribes are known to use ayahuasca, which has the active ingredient of DMT; the most potent hallucinogenic around. These tribes probably started using the drug not to get really fucked up and have a mad sesh, but because they were driven to try. Alcohol, tobacco, weed, every single drug on the planet wasn’t found because it led to a really good time. It was found because of some basic instinct to try something that chemically alters you.

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Every person on the planet will have a curiosity to change or aim to understand their conscious. Something as simple as lucid dreaming is another attempt at this. There are hundreds of thousands of people attempting to lucid dream, to change what reality is, and explore what is outside the day to day mind, and ultimately experience something new. Lucid dreaming was first explored in 1867, and was probably explored due to a curiosity of a new experience. The same is for adrenaline junkies. There ultimately is a curiosity to explore what is outside your day to day mind. Every action we do and every thing we do daily, is to push for a new feeling. Me writing this article is to push for a new feeling of pleasure, you getting drunk on a Friday night is to push for a new feeling of being happy. Everything we do is for this new feeling that we all urge and yearn for, whether we admit it or not. Your parents drinking tea, probably wish they could have the same rush as they did when they first tried it. Everyone is seeking pleasure in everything they do.

Now, with Fabric’s new rules we are trying to say that you can’t do drugs, whether you like it or not. Whether the Islington council like it or not, people are going to do drugs. Their human nature dictates it. Whether you agree or disagree on stricter drug laws, you can agree that whatever the case we need to protect people from dying. Will stricter drug laws help? Potentially they could. However would those two boys have got themselves in the situation they were in with stricter drug laws? Probably yes. They were always going to try the ecstasy and push the boat out. What they could have done with was education. The only message we are pushed from kids is ‘don’t do drugs’. Some kids listen, a lot don’t.

If we already know this then why are we preaching for people not to do them. Isn’t it also human nature to do something when you’re told not to? If I say do not think about David Attenborough, you’re probably thinking about last night’s episode of Planet Earth. But what if I told you what happened in the episode, and gave it all away. The excitement of the unknown isn’t going to happen. You may or may not watch it.

If we know they are going to take it we should tell them the limits, and what is the right dosage, and give them testing kits. If those kids knew that the pills they took would kick in later and did not buy more in the venue then maybe this whole story would be different.

If we educate, and take away all of the mystery surrounding drugs and familiarise the mystery surrounding drugs, then maybe people will be less tempted to try. I am not saying glorify drugs like many do, I am merely saying tell them how it is. If someone asks you what Ketamine is like, tell them about the great times, but also the bad. Be frank, be honest, don’t be obtuse and oblivious, let’s educate people and stop people from dying. That’s something we can all get behind. 

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