Drug Culture: Thrill Seekers or just Societal Conformists?

Nationwide, the darkened alleyways and backseats of an incredulous looking car have gained a reputation of being the basic settings for illegal drug dealings and disillusioned teens who believe attending such a ‘meet up’ gains them a positive reputation.

In reality, the contentious topic of recreational drugs appears to be a prominent and oddly awe-inspiring topic among those of age, yet whether narcotic users purely fabricate the heightened levels of hedonism is highly conceivable.

The self indulgence of addicts is apparent and their over enjoyment of drug abuse is evident, however the new wave of twenty year olds acquiring recreational drugs as the route to ultimate euphoria, in replacement of the old fashion beer in the pub, is apocryphal.

This drug fuelled bandwagon is particularly conditional among the likes of university students. With institutions and cities such as Leeds and Manchester having a particularly ‘cool’ and drug related reputation among students, it is somewhat justifiable as to why students would conform specifically to the drug using archetype. I’m sure, there are many out there who dedicate their optimum experiences to the use of recreational drugs such as Cannabis and Ecstasy, but among those that declare their appraisal of drug use are the conformists who simply agree to appear accustomed with this fashionable trend.

Do things like Viceland’s Weed Week make drugs appear more casual?

Regularly seen as the boring option, I’d much rather stay with my usual vodka and lemonade, and there are many others who would agree with me, but too often there have been misfits or victims of bullying who appear to cling on to their desire to try drugs as an access path to the ‘popular crowd’. Societal conformity is an idealistic view held by many who rebel against the idea of individuality and freedoms and university is regularly associated with the escape from school like peer pressure.

To an extent, this is the truth of the higher education world. On the other hand, intrinsic pressure to recreate yourself as the popular hipster who knows the dark secrets of the illegal drug trade is one I have seen too regularly. Luckily, this act tends to disperse after a few months of developing the difference between real and fake friendships. However, this ongoing circle of naïve partygoers obeying the social order of drug takers as superior on the hierarchy of popularity needs to stop.

Individuality is vital, especially as a university student out in the world for the first time. Stop conforming, always be aware than you’re no longer surrounded by peer pressure. Ignore inner mockery, that is now in the past and no is always an acceptable answer.

Once past the high school phase, the judgemental characters seem much less important and their opinion that once worried you is now left in thin air. Maturity invites distinctiveness, find your own sense of enjoyment without capitulating to those who think differently.

Words by Beth Fear

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