‘Dharma Wild’ ; Back Again in Timely Style 

For the past 3 years Dharma Wild, the latest reaction to Leeds’s creative melting pot, have been constructing twisted cacophonies of worlds and sounds in order to create an entirely new world of their own; evoking the industrial landscape of the north with brooding grooves and atmospheric electronics.

Having Spoken with Diss about their Unique Sound, Roots, Origins, Musical Allies, and Aspirations last year ;

Leeds-Based Gents Dharma Wild have returned.

This time, on Monday the 18th June, Dharma brought their Newest, Fre$hest, rather Hypnotic Self-Titled EP to our ears.
Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novel ‘Dharma Bums’, a base comment recognises the poetic ism of Dharma’s lyrics and the raw powers of the rhythms and melody which interweave and holds itself utterly unified throughout this EP, as well as each and every one of Dharma’s earlier tunes.

George Hall, of Tight Lines and Tetes de Pois, close musical allies of the Wild boys, has written of how Dharma “blend a multitude of genres together with precision and taste,” and how “every musician in the band is an expert at their craft and combine to create a truly unique sound.”

Indeed, from abstract, free flowing sound and many-layered oozing harmonies to absolute syncopated precision in each track’s multi-dimensional composition, Dharma hold a balance within their music which is something of a rarity.

The musicianship of these gents is truly outstanding.

Not to mention the stunning production of each and every track of their new release, “Dharma Wild” is an EP to listen to with eyes closed, headphones on and very open ears.   

Featuring collaborations from across the city of Leeds from bands such as Tetes de Pois and The Golden Age of TV, all self produced within bedrooms of the Hyde Park terraced jungle;
In just over 20 minutes and Four Tracks, Dharma here, once again, take listeners on a journey like no other.


‘Moon Party’ 

‘Raise your Glass to the Thai Fisherman’ 


Freshly released on Monday 18th June, prepare for the exquisite, and treat yourself to something stunning. 

Having played headline shows at Leed’s Wardrobe, Wharf Chambers, Hyde Park Book Club, and the LS6 Cafe, as well as live slots at the Belgrave Music Hall, The Lending Rooms, Oporto and Milo Bar, Dharma Wild are a band whose live shows are utterly immersive, and well, worth attending, to say the least.
It is a rare thing to feel such sounds and witness them in recreation, so organically and seamlessly on stage.

“One day I will find the right words and they will be simple…”

Sparkling, Throbbing, Flourishing, Ambient, Onions.  












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