Archie Valentine – LONGDAYS

Archie Valentine with his soft and melodic voice infuses an electronic sound giving us musical context from dusk till dawn with his LONGDAYS song.  Whilst keeping a minimal sound it uses hard-hitting drums with an atmospheric bass and futuristic synths, which create something as introspective as it is beautiful.

Speaking to Archie he said this about the song: ‘When I wrote Longdays it was a bit of a weird one because I don’t really remember a big part of producing it. The reason for that is I’d just come back from a night out and was fairly spangled and just ended up messing around on logic until I got the main chords down and the drums sorted. Thats why the vocals sound like that cause I was pretty drunk. Then I woke the next day and thought it sounded decent so I finished the rest of it that day.’




The visuals are made by video collective Figaro instilling different styles and elements, which showcase a day in the life of this North London Resident. This visual collective have got a lot of stuff coming out soon so be sure to check them out!

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