IAMDDB Speaks Soul and Sound

“When left alone with music I can become dangerous…”

Please tell us a little about yourself; where you come from and where you are currently based?

IAMDDB: I’m 20 soon to be 21, from MCR and I’m chill AF really but crazy AF at the same time.
Currently I live in Chorlton with my bad bish Laura El. We studied together a couple of years back at a music college, and now she’s my ride or die; would kill for her. But yeah she’s my booking agent and we’re currently just out here trying to do bits!

How long have you been making music? How did it originally become such a passion of yours, and where did it all begin for you as IAMDDB?

Music has been apart of me since I was a little girl. Being around my dad who was a musician was the most inspiring childhood, constantly surrounded by creatives and instruments. I have been making, producing, and writing music seriously since 2015. In 2016, I decided to change my name to IAMDDB after returning from Africa after 6 months of doing Jazz out there, it just felt right. From here on, I just focused on learning more about myself and this journey has lead me to where I am today.

So, the city of Manchester – tell us a little about your experiences of the music scene in a place which is renowned for being alive with ze New Soundssss rudiii! Please shine some light on your favourite venues, nights and aspects of the musical community.

MCR is and will always be home despite the cunts here hahaha!* I performed at Band on the Wall couple days back which was something I’ve wanted to do for a while so that was definitely a highlight. I enjoyed Ruby Lounge, nice space good lighting (got to have good lighting). I don’t go out much – I’m too chilled for it, I’d pick a doobie and films any day over a night out! I would like to say that the support in MCR is the realist. We all collaborate and actually follow each others movements, unlike some cities.


Are there any other artists, musicians, collectives or communities you have close ties with at the moment who you can tell us about or recommend readers to check out?

Deffo, my good friend Tayo (iComposeConcepts) is one of the best musicians in MCR by far, I’m amazed at how talented he is. Producers such as : Thieta, Khadu, KlassKlownKarl (LDN based), KillMiami are all SO DOPE. In addition, my friend from Coventry goes by the name of Mugun, absolute dime piece of a rapper check him out!

Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with in future, any dreams of people to create music with?

Yeah of course, that has always been a part of the plan. From MCR, I’d say DRS, Tyler Daley and Shoa. Worldwide, I’d say Future, Lianne La Havas, John Legend and Gretchen Parlato.

If you could share a stage with any artist, from throughout time, to duet on one tune, who would it be, why, what is the track, and who are your backing musicians?

It would most likely be Bob Marley – Waiting in Vein. Since being a little girl this song has left me memorised, wanting to fall in love etc. I think I just have a connection to him because he was a huge part of my childhood life, and still is. It kind of still burns me that I’ll never have the opportunity to do this.. I don’t have backing musicians/singers, I do all my backings myself but big up Bob again, listening to his music whilst growing up kept my ears clean and my harmonies tight.

Do you find that music you create is similar to music you listen to, or is there a difference in what genres/styles you enjoy listening to and that which you create yourself?

I find that the music I listen to influences the music I make, but I always aim to make music which is true to myself, and also unique. I want it to bring relief, love and fresh vibes to whoever is willing to listen.

Can you select any specific artists or albums who you would say are at the foundations of your relationship with music?

Yeah for sure – Bob Marley, Boy G Mendes, Jimmy Dludlu and Nat King Cole.

What inspires you in terms of the world around you, the every day?

It could be anything. To a cup on the side, to a real life experience, to a specific word a person may say; inspiration is in everything.

Can you tell us a little about the creation process for you ? Do tunes take months in the making or can they just zing to you, as it seems things are moving 10000 mph for you at the moment!

Not really. I do it on my own terms, which tends to be listening through the beats I’m sent – I have a 10 second vibe and I’m ready to record. I write really quickly, I lace the track there and then. When left alone with music I can become dangerous, making around 10 solid bangers a day or I could have an albums worth of music in a week. The more vibe the beat brings the quicker it makes me want to complete the production. I like to keep it moving. I like to stack my music, too many vibes running through my blood my g!

What do you like to write about?

Love, life experiences, problems with solutions and most importantly empowerment.

Can you tell us a little about your experiences making your music videos – the videography is outstanding and the locations are really iconic. Who have you worked with, and do you have a style of visual representation you aim to uphold or do things just roll out so bladdy splendidly?

I literally take full control of all my videos, so I would be the one who has done the planning, locations, brands used, props etc. Everything you see is DDB. I’ve worked with some wavey videographers such as : StylezConteh, Apeninja and Ellisdawg. I would say I like my visuals to be real, as in I always make sure we capture BTS shots, because I feel it makes the art itself more real and relatable. Although we do need the high quality, I want my listeners and viewers to understand we are the same, we are one I just happen to be on the screen LMAO.

How important is it for you to have creative control over what you make as an artist ?

Creative control is everything, without it I feel like I wouldn’t be myself. I have to stay true to my art in my own way, nobody can tell you how to be you better than yourself (unless it is actually benefiting your character obvs).

Can you tell us a little about the production side of things? Who have you have worked with besides the ridiculously talented, fellow Mancunian rising star/ wavey-don Inka, and drum and bass Legend Lenzman, to name but two*.

Apart from those two diamonds, as I mentioned before : iComposeConcepts, Thieta, Khadu, Khalil Madovi are some of the waviest musicians I know. I don’t think any of them know just how much I appreciate them, my bro’sdem.

You tear it up in Manchester, you have been zooming up and down the isle playing amazing shows, and there are whispers of a certain festival in the woods in Wales…  I’m behind times, mermaid season is fully afloat! Please tell us a little about what you are looking forward to in terms of fields!

Ahahaha well I couldn’t do it any other way at home! Yeah g, I’m at Croatia Soundwave, Gottwood Festival and couple others I’m yet to confirm, exciting times cah’ I’ve never been a festival girl so what better way to experience it, then going as an artist? HAaaaaaaaa mermaid season!

Is there a venue or festival that would be a dream of yours to play?

Not really you know, I’m just grateful for whoever books me, that means they phucks with what I do. The bigger the more exciting!

Can you recommend some specific artists creating music that you are excited about at the minute who we should give a listen?

YAAAAAAS, A2, Khalil Madovi, Big Sean.

Do you have any words of wisdom to fellow musicians regarding getting their music heard and out there?

Keep it g with yourself, don’t steal other people’s sauce. Put more seasoning on your own, educate your ears and your sauce will blossom. The rest will unfold by itself alongside good promotion.

What drives you most in creating more and more music?

Hearing the full production done. Once you’ve laid the vocals and you listen back to the vibes, that feeling there is peng peng peng. Challenging myself more each time, pushing out of comfort zones, being harsh with myself is all apart of the process I also enjoy. It’s almost like I train myself to do better every time.

Seems you are flowing ‘pon the stream to stardom, right at the front of the frickin canoe – exciting times! What are you looking forward to in the future?

Hahaha blessings GG. I hope to continue to blossom, but right now I’m not focused on where I could be, I’m more focused on making the now the best it can be. Whatever comes and flows, my duty is to accept and make each opportunity, moment and song meaningful and true.

A big thank you to Lady-wave-IAMDDB for her time, words and insight.

Mermaid Season ahoy!


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