Through the lens of: Natasja Martens

The story behind the photos…

“My name is Natasja Martens, I’m a fashion designer working and living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Next to having my own company, I teach at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague.Β I’ve always been interested in photography as a source of inspiration.
Freezing a frame, placing subjects out of context, juxtapositions, it’s basically about creating my own universe. Photos usually end up in a sketchbook for further processing.
My favourite subjects include everything manufactured, modern life, reflective surfaces and human behaviour. My photos are usually without clearly recognisable people, but you can always feel a human presence.
I have an Olympus Mju-ii in my right and an Olympus AF-10 twin in my left pocket wherever I go. The Mju-ii is by far my favourite camera. It’s a simple point & shoot camera, and you have to manipulate it a bit to get the images you like. It’s a very clever design that you can operate with just one hand. I have a few SLRs and a Ricoh rangefinder camera for more control and versatility, but they’re not always with me, simply because they don’t fit my pocket.
Reasons for shooting film: Grain! Soul! Surprises! Viewfinder! and not having to go through a 16GB memory card with hundreds of nearly the same photos everyday.”
Instagram: @gluejeans

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